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3 Ways to Warm Up Cold Leads This Spring

Warm Up Cold Leads This Spring

The goal of any good sales funnel is to move as many potential customers through the sales process as possible, but no lead nurturing process is perfect. Some customers decide they don’t want to move forward with a project. Others want to save up more money first or wait for a more convenient time. When this happens, they often just stop responding to your emails. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on them. Here are 3 ways to reengage and get these customers moving towards a sale again.

Follow Up

Occasionally, contacting a cold lead to find out why they’re delaying their project will be an easy task. They’ll just tell you the reason they’re backing out of a project: they lost their job, decided to sell their home, had a large, unexpected expense arise. More often, these leads will just stop responding to your emails. When that happens, get proactive. Switch up your normal mode of contact, for example, if you usually reach out via email and get no response, try shooting them a quick text instead. If you usually communicate via Facebook Messenger, you could try giving them a call.

Showcase Your Work

Your leads wanted work done for a reason. Maybe they want to replicate the beautiful kitchen their neighbor has or to install a roof that doesn’t leak in heavy storms. Include your cold lead in a marketing campaign that showcases the renovations, upgrades, or home repairs you have completed for other homeowners in the area. Before and after photos you have of other projects can help inspire your customer to move forward with their own project.


Some customers get cold feet when they see that their project will cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, when you use financing, you can break that cost down into low monthly payments, which is much less daunting.

You can also use special financing promotions to help create a sense of urgency. Consider offering your lead a lower interest rate, half-pay promo, or same as cash option if they close their sale within a certain time frame.

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