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5 Tips to Get Faster Customer Approvals

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Home improvement financing makes big projects more affordable for your customers, and unlike big banks, many finance companies work with a wide range of credit profiles. Foundation Finance works with FICOs as low as 600 and will even consider customers with past bankruptcies after a year.

Our second look financing program goes beyond the bare details of your customer’s credit score. We review the details of an application to find terms that work for customers with super prime, prime, near prime, and subprime credit.

Improve your customer approval rate and ensure all your customers get the best deal with these simple financing tips.

  1. Don’t leave anything out

    ! Encourage your customers to include all the requested details on their financing application.

  2. Spelling counts.

    Don’t let minor errors like misspelled names or addresses cause your customer’s apps to be delayed or rejected. Be sure you or your customer checks all information for accuracy before the app is submitted.

  3. Joint applications.

    Household income is an important factor when determining how much financing a customer can reasonably afford. Submitting a joint application can often increase the chances of an app being approved, even if the second applicant’s FICO isn’t as strong as the first applicant’s.

  4. Include active email addresses.

    After the application is approved, your customers can fill in and submit all required documents online, assuming we have their current email addresses.

  5. Only list verifiable income.

    All income listed on the application must be verifiable by paycheck stub, tax returns or other means to be considered for approval.

Working with us to create complete, accurate applications increases your customer’s chance to get approved for the funds they need to move forward with their next big home improvement project.

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