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Free Online Tools for Small Businesses

free online tools

Small teams can accomplish big goals with the right tools. Whether you鈥檙e in roofing, landscaping, HVAC, windows or siding, you can use these free, easy-to-use tools to grow and streamline your business.



This program is helpful for creating social media images, flyers, presentations and more. It provides a decent selection of free templates to work from as well as additional paid options and upgraded accounts for teams and premium content. No advanced design skills needed to create professional-looking images.



There鈥檚 more to Google than searches and email. Google Drive offers a simple way to collaborate on and store documents. Google Analytics can help you track and measure traffic to your website. Google Calendar offers easy access to online meetings with customers and coworkers. You can also upgrade your Google account to use your business鈥檚 URL to create your Google email address.



Many social media platforms allow you to schedule your social media content in advance. Buffer is a good option for those that don鈥檛 offer prescheduling. This website allows you to schedule social media content in advance so that you don鈥檛 have to log in at the date and time you would like your message to go live.



Grammarly can help you clean up your writing. It searches for errors and offers advice to help your writing flow better. This program can check your work in most applications and websites, such as emails, social media, documents and projects.



If you don鈥檛 already have a website, WordPress might be a good website-building option for you. It鈥檚 easy to use and offers many customization options and thousands of plug-ins and add-ons, so it can grow with your company.



Have you tried your hand at email marketing? Contacting your current and past customers one by one can be time consuming. Email programs like Mailchimp make it easy to create and schedule emails to go out to large groups of your customers. Mailchimp offers helpful tools at the free level as well as additional benefits you can upgrade to as your business grows.


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