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5 Topics to Engage Your Customers in Q2

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Building and maintaining an active online presence is an important part of growing a home improvement business, but with a limited number of hours in a day, it isn鈥檛 always something you can pour a lot of time into. With that in mind, we鈥檝e put together some topics that may interest your potential customers. Use this list to make coming up with engaging social media, website and blog content to attract new business in Q2 a little bit faster.


Using some of your most frequently asked questions is a great content option. As these questions are frequently asked, you know they will resonate well with your customer base. Additionally, content based around F.A.Q.s may help boost your search rankings as you provide answers for potential customers.

  • Share a question and answer on social media.
  • Add or expand upon a F.A.Q. page for your website.
  • Create a flyer or postcard to share with potential customers.

Past Projects

Show off your past work! Help potential customers imagine what鈥檚 possible for their own home by sharing examples of what you鈥檝e helped other homeowners achieve. If you don鈥檛 already have photos of your work, now鈥檚 the time to start collecting them.

  • Before and after photos on social media.
  • A project list on your website with examples of past work.
  • A pdf portfolio showing off past projects.
  • Share testimonials online or create a video showcasing your happiest customers.


Basing some content around the holidays is a fun and engaging way to connect with people. April, May and June have a variety of holidays including Mother鈥檚 Day, Father鈥檚 Day, Memorial Day and a host of lesser-known holidays and events, such as World Juggling Day and National Pizza Party Day.

  • Decorate for the holiday and share a photo.
  • Wish your audience a happy holiday on social media.
  • Let your audience know about local events celebrating the holiday.

Behind the Scenes

Humanize your brand by sharing an inside look at what鈥檚 happening in your office.

  • Wish an employee a happy work anniversary along with a thank you for their hard work.
  • Show off your latest team group photo.
  • Share photos of pets visiting the office online.

Financing Options

Let your audience know how affordable their next project could be by letting them know about your financing options. If you partner with Foundation Finance, you have access to financing for customers with FICOs as low as 550 as well as great rates and promo options.

  • Share an example project estimate breaking the cost into low monthly payments.
  • Let customers know about a promotion you鈥檙e offering.
  • Check out our pre-written email and social media templates.
  • Let customers know how to prequalify without affecting their credit score.*

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*Upon our receipt of the customer鈥檚 completed credit application and signed financing documents a hard inquiry on the customer鈥檚 credit (that may affect the customer鈥檚 credit score) will occur.

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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