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Be Prepared: Disaster Response Contracting

Hurricane season is upon us and natural disasters can happen at any time. After a disaster hits, contractors hurry to the site to be a part of the clean-up effort. For those without experience, it can be a chaotic process and an unstable business move.

Contractors Be Prepared for Disasters

Be prepared for these unexpected natural disasters and set yourself up to respond appropriately with these tips.

  • Ensure you are registered with the appropriate federal, state, or local databases to be eligible to be awarded contracts.
  • Make sure your website is updated with accurate information, services and a sample of your work.
  • Seek out opportunities and submit yourself for contract consideration.
  • Reach out to organizations such as your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) who can help you comply with all disaster response regulations.
  • Contact larger contracting firms and offer your company as a sub-contractor.

No one wants to see a natural disaster happen but being prepared to assist in the recovery efforts is a smart business practice. The 2017/2018 season caused extensive damage in the Southeast. Insurance deductibles and project completion time can be an issue for homeowners. Offering a flexible financing option can help ease your customer’s mind and close the sale.

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