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Contractors: Set Your Success Factor to “Always On”

It’s safe to say that growing your business is the goal of any business owner, large or small. Growth, expansion, profit…all great descriptors of success. Why are some contractors consistently successful, and others struggling? Setting the aptitude of your company’s success factor to ‘always on’ may be the positive differentiator between you and your competition.

How do you set a successful aptitude? For home improvement contractors, that means packing your sales calls with every available tool—including financing. For example, you or your sales team could be fully versed and prepared to discuss every detail of the project proposal but, in the end, the prospect still says no. Why? You may have missed the most important detail: helping them afford it.

Financing can be the single reason your potential customer walks away from their dream renovation or even an emergency repair. And they may be too embarrassed to tell you. Look back at your lost sales…was it due to lack of financing? When you bring a financing program under your own roof, you put yourself in control of the outcome, not an outside lender. There’s less room for price objections during your sales pitch and more room for a successful sale. Your success dial is clearly turned to on!

Presenting the pricing scenario is another definitive success factor. Again, the contractor is in control here. Rate, fee, terms, down payment, no interest…all positive triggers that can have the customer asking for their own project upsell! When you have the ability to include not only the project price, but affordable and competitive monthly payment options, the customer has no reason to leave that discussion without signing on the dotted line. Especially when the credit approval can be provided within seconds, right from the customer’s home. Success factor: on!

As you can see, financing is a crucial factor to sales success and business growth. Partnering with a valuable finance company like Foundation Finance can help push that dial to the “always on” position. Are you ready for success?

Foundation Finance can help you close more sales. Leverage the power of competitive and convenient financing–every time you call on a customer! Contact us today for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

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