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Top Reasons Customers Need Your Financing Program

It’s obvious why contractors need an in-house financing program (closes more sales, builds the bottom line), but have you thought about why your customers actually need it? [It’s not always about you!] We’ve put together the top reasons financing from home improvement contractors turns prospects into buyers and buyers into forever customers. Take note!

  1. It Boosts their Buying Power.

    And boosted buying power means bigger project sales. Example: You’ve pitched the customer on replacing two rooms of windows for better energy efficiency and a refreshed décor, but the low monthly payments of your in-house financing has literally wowed them. In their excitement, they realize they can add another room of windows to the project. They’re stoked and that upsell was effortless!

  2. It’s Super Convenient for them.

    In this world of instant gratification, no one wants to add extra steps to buying a product. Shoppers want the purchase done in one click, shipped free and delivered tomorrow. When a contractor visits the customer’s home, presents the project in person, then offers an affordable financing option that can be approved right then and there, it’s a perfect scenario. Better than shopping online, better than free shipping. And they can do it all from the comfort of their chair. #happiness

  3. They Feel Empowered. And it Feels Good!

    Not everyone has perfect credit, but everyone has dreams and everyone’s story is different. When a homeowner needs an emergency repair or is worried about their water quality or energy efficiency, they come to you for an estimate. They know their credit isn’t great, but you don’t. You pitch the product price, they’re secretly worried their bank won’t give them a loan, and then you offer financing.Foundation Finance reviews credit scores as low as 575 and looks at everyone’s story before making the approval decision. Guess what? Your customer is approved! Be prepared for the biggest hug ever.

  4. It Relieves their Stress. Ahhhhhh…..

    People are busy. Jobs, kids, sports, travel, holidays…multiple levels of stressors affect daily lives. When a customer’s home improvement dream can be realized effortlessly in one visit, from product to service to financing, they’re thrilled. It’s one less thing to worry about. Even better, the financing doesn’t break the bank. You can hear their sigh of relief.

  5. The Job Gets Done Faster – Yay!

    Whose got patience anymore? No one! The customer wants this job done yesterday. Lucky for them, the in-house financing just shaved off a few days from the project timeline.

    Foundation Finance can help you close more sales. Leverage the power of competitive and convenient financing–every time you call on a customer! Contact us today for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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