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Financing to the Rescue!

Even though home improvement sales are up and expected to stay up, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for home improvement businesses. Labor shortages, material price increases and supply delays are creating continued pressures affecting profit margins and customer pricing.

According to a June 2021 report from Associated Builders and Contractors, a “shortage of skilled workers continues to worsen, driving up wages and project bids in the process. Demand for construction services is expected to be strong enough during the months ahead to allow contractors to pass many of these higher costs onto the purchasers of construction services, preserving margins in the process.”

In short: your increased pricing and supply challenges are increasing your customer bids and sales challenges.

Without a customer financing program, sales conversations could plummet. However, with an inhouse program you can provide attractive and affordable financing, continue to close sales and successfully maintain your profit margin.

Incorporating Financing Is Easy.

At Foundation Finance, it’s free to enroll in our program and you’re up and running within 24 hours of approval. The financing process is simple and the learning curve minimal.  Free training and marketing are provided and a dealer support team is at your side through every step. Most importantly, our competitive fee-free rates help build your bottom line.


  • Free Training:

    Weekly live webinars detail the financing program, review processes and get your team field ready. Set up a custom training specifically geared to your staff needs and preferred scheduling.

  • Training Videos:

    Whenever you need a quick process reminder, click on a video to walk you through it. We’ve got a complete library of how-to videos.


  • Free Promotional Materials:

    You can start strong with professionally designed and printed brochures, flyers, posters and window clings. Your customers will know right away that you offer financing!

  • Easy Messaging:

    We’ll help you with social and email communication. Customize free templates that help communicate your competitive financing advantage.

Dedicated Dealer Support:

  • One-On-One Assistance:

    Call anytime you have a question, from the field or in your office. Our financing experts can answer your questions no matter what the circumstance. Put us on your speed dial: 855-241-0024, ext 5012.

Competitive Rates:

  • Fee-Free Rates:

    Our rate sheet includes fee-free promotions for every customer and our rates are competitive…there’s no reason for the customer to hassle with external financing and your profits will increase with little to no dealer fees.

  • Exclusive promotions:

    We not only provide competitive rates, we create limited-time promotions attractive to both you and your customer. Half-payments, delayed payments, longer terms…all incentives to close that sale!

When you balance the continuing challenges of the home improvement industry with a financing program, you’re positioning your business for optimum sales success. Contact Foundation Finance today to enroll in our program or chat with our dealer support team by calling 855-241-0024.

You can build on us. Enroll today in the Foundation Finance dealer network. Contact us for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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