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How to Handle Negative Reviews

When someone needs a renovation or home improvement project, their first stop is often the internet. After all, what better way to locate and contact a qualified contractor? Before they get to your lead form however, savvy homeowners will check your online reputation to make sure past customers were happy with their completed job.

It can be tempting to create a perfect online reputation full of only the best and happiest customers, but a too-perfect reputation may leave customers wondering “what’s the catch” or if they can trust your online reviews. That’s why, when properly handled, the occasional negative review is an opportunity to build trust and earn more home improvement jobs.

  1. Monitor your online reputation.

    You can’t do anything about your online reputation if you don’t know what people are saying about you. There are many tools and programs online you can use to automatically track your reputation so when someone leaves you an online review, you get an alert and can take action.

  1. Respond to your reviews.

    If someone takes the time to leave a review, whether positive or negative, you should take time to thank that person for their feedback. If their review isn’t positive, do what you can to address the situation and make it right.

  1. Don’t rely on a template response.

    Answering every review with the exact same (or very similar) response won’t earn you much trust with the online community. Take the time to review each message and react with specific details about the job or work you did for the homeowners.

  1. Don’t get into an argument.

    It’s easy to see negative reviews or false statements as a personal attack on you and your business, but keep your response calm and positive. Reacting negatively could scare off potential customers, while a more helpful response will show that you’re willing to do what it takes to create a positive experience.

  1. Ask for an updated review.

    When you’re able to reconcile with a customer who left you a negative review, ask them to update their remarks to let others know they are now satisfied with their experience. If they aren’t willing to make the update, comment on their review outlining the steps taken to resolve their issues so that future readers can see the efforts you made to reach a resolution.

When you work with Foundation Finance, it’s easy to provide a positive financing experience for your home improvement and renovation customers. Our friendly support team is here for all of your questions and financing needs.


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