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Offer Second Chances with Second Looks

Are you losing a sale because your customer was turned down for financing from another lender? You can quickly turn their credit rejection into your credit approval! Offer your customer a second look with Foundation Finance…the result could not only create a sales win, but a repeat customer.

A Painless Process
It’s simple to submit a second look financing request. In fact, you can use the same signed credit application the customer submitted to the other lender, provided it has all the details Foundation Finance requires to process an application. The simplicity of re-using the same app is a big win! You can submit it via email, fax, a phone call to our credit team, or online within the dealer portal.

Our underwriting team looks at more than just the credit score, which may be why we approve more deals than other lenders. A variety of factors will determine whether the loan can be approved and our team strives to make the right choice for everyone.

A High Approval Rate
Foundation Finance approves up to 77% of the deals other lenders decline. We believe in providing deep, flexible credit approvals that help you close more sales, especially in a competitive marketplace. A second look request is not only smart business, it’s the right thing to do to help a potential customer. There are a lot of positives in second chances!

The Hero Factor
Gaining a new customer is important for any business. Gaining a loyal one is even better. Rescuing someone from the disappointment of not being able to finance a home improvement they need (like heating or cooling) or want (like high-end flooring) creates an instant emotional connection. Offering a second look can literally make you your customer’s home improvement hero! And chances are, you’ll see that customer again…as well as their friends and family!

Leverage the selling power of competitive and convenient financing–every time you call on a customer! Contact us today for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

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