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Online Reviews Can Increase Your Sales!

As a home improvement business, have you focused at all on the customer reviews you receive (or don’t receive) online? Online reviews can literally bring a customer to your door or close an online sale. If you’re not building your customer reviews, you’re not building your business.

Customers, clients and business partners can leave reviews at various online sites including your Google business page, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Facebook. Unless you’re actively asking for reviews after a positive experience, you may only be receiving disgruntled customer reviews. But even those can be turned around with a quick business response.

Here’s how important online reviews are for your business…

Reviews increase sales.

The simple  presence of online reviews can influence buying decisions. Approximately 70% of customers read reviews before making a purchase or choosing a business. Study after study shows that including customer reviews on your product pages boosts conversions. One study found that 63% of customers are more likely to complete a sale after seeing the presence of customer reviews.

Reviews improve your products and services.

Reviews aren’t just valuable to customers, they’re also packed with useful insights for your business. It’s literally free market research. For example, if reviews consistently point out a product or service shortcoming, use that insight to improve it. Or if customers are always complimenting a certain product or service, that’s where you’d want to focus you’re next marketing promotion.

Reviews establish credibility.

When customers buy something solely online, they have to overcome the anxiety of not having first-hand experience with you. If a shopper has never visited your business, reviews help bridge the physical gap by providing potential customers with a sense of security. Other customers have already vetted your business for them, making your business, products and service feel more legit.

Ironically, negative reviews also provide a sense of security and can actually improve conversion rates. Seeing your business’ prompt response and explanation for a negative comment builds your brand strength and shows you take pride in your business.

Reviews boost SEO.

Every business wants to show up at the top of a customer’s search results. Reviews create an SEO boost by providing keywords search engines love with frequently updated, relevant and uniquely worded content. This can improve your business page’s ranking and strengthen your digital presence.

Reviews are easy to get if you ask for them!

When a customer has a positive interaction with your business, that’s the best time to ask for a quick review. Make it part of your staff’s daily process. You’ll be delighted to see all the positive online reviews–and so will your potential customers.
Online reviews can strengthen your sales success with literally no cost investment.
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