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Podcasts Are The Perfect Learning Tool for Contractors

Living through an iconic pandemic throws curves at us at every turn. We鈥檙e either crazy busy or unfortunately bored. In either of those circumstances, setting aside essential time to learn or better your craft tends to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Cue the podcast. Podcasts are the new and cool way to stay in tune with the vibe of your industry without sacrificing day-to-day priorities.

Believe it or not, podcasts featuring the home remodeling and contracting industries are plentiful and their appeal is booming. We鈥檙e not talking about audiobooks, we鈥檙e referring to quick and engaging bits of learning that feature industry trends, interviews with business leaders, effective sales strategies, and technology innovations. Finding a good podcast series can be an inspiring way to move your business forward. Engage your staff and peers in listening, too.

Free learning you can listen to from anywhere

If you haven鈥檛 tried a podcast yet, you should. Check out this list of contractor and remodeling industry-themed podcasts to listen to, if you aren鈥檛 already. Warning: you may get hooked on learning!

Already hooked on podcasts? It might be time to create your own! Here鈥檚 a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start your own podcasts: https://www.format.com/magazine/resources/art/start-your-own-podcast-creative-guide

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