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Resources for Small Businesses Surviving the ‘New Normal’

New normal, new abnormal, crazy new world…whatever you call it, we’re all in it, trying to figure it out day by day. For some businesses, a crazy shift of consumer needs and fears has emerged from the unpredictable outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s an uncanny divergence between businesses that are struggling to survive and businesses that are faced with an unexpected new channel of consumer demand. It’s mind-boggling.

Business After The Pandemic

How do businesses wrap their arms around everything that’s happening to them? There’s no survival manual written on what’s taking place right now. And small businesses, especially new LLCs or mom and pop stores, don’t have the advantage of large corporate office support. Fortunately, there’s a lot of advice circulating in the digital universe on how to maneuver through, embrace, and survive this new normal. We’ve found an easily accessible, all-in-one, go-to resource for small businesses from Inc. called “Ensuring Business Survival Right Now”

The guide is updated frequently to include the latest resources, tips, and advice on planning for operational contingencies including people, facilities, vendors, systems, and technology. There’s a comprehensive solutions center that offers expert advice on handling panicked customers, interrupted supply chains, webinars, Zoom meetings, hyper kids, and a work environment that changes by the hour.

You’ll also find direction on issues critical to entrepreneurs such as cash flow, leadership, self-care, and inspiration.

Check out Inc.’s business manual for the new normal: “Ensuring Business Survival Right Now”

Above all, stay safe, balanced, and healthy.

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