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What Are Your 2024 Goals?

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“Success” is just an opinion until you have something to measure it against. That’s why it’s important to set specific, measurable, and attainable goals to propel your organization in the right direction. Your goals can fall into any number of categories to elevate different aspects of your business. Consider what areas you hope to improve upon in 2024. Here are some ideas to get started!

Customer Satisfaction

Creating happy customers leads to repeat business and referrals, making it an important component of your overall business success. Go through comments, reviews and interactions from past customers to find ways to improve customer satisfaction. Some customer satisfaction goals you could measure and build upon include:

  • Amount of repeat business.
  • Number of referrals you receive from past customers.
  • Number or quality of online reviews.

Employee Satisfaction

Cutting down on turnover rates and maintaining a well-trained work force ensures you have the manpower to keep your projects on schedule. Find out what perks and benefits are important to your employees and look for opportunities to build up internal morale. Goals focused around improving employee satisfaction could include benchmarks such as:

  • Reducing employee turnover rate.
  • Raising average tenure at company.
  • Surveying employee satisfaction with the aim to raise it.


Project delays can create a ripple effect throughout your company, causing a series of projects to be pushed back or cancelled. Consider setting goals to minimize some of the factors that can impact the overall productivity of your company. Such goals could include:

  • Improving employee attendance rates.
  • Tracking and maintaining inventory of supplies.
  • Creating and applying a system to organize tools and materials for secure, easy access.
  • Applying systems and standards to reduce wasted materials.

Monetary Growth

Financial milestones can be a good way to track overall business growth and success. Financial goals add to the bottom line and are supported by the goals you make in other aspects of your business. Some basic finance-based goals could revolve around:

  • Increasing the overall number of sales.
  • Creating larger average sales.
  • Achieving higher profit margins.

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