What Customers Should Splurge and Skimp on in a Kitchen Remodel

What Your Customers Should Splurge and Skimp on in a Kitchen Remodel

When your customer is building or remodeling their kitchen, there are several things you can urge them to consider to ensure they鈥檙e investing in the right areas. The kitchen is one of the most important and busiest rooms in the house. You鈥檒l want to make sure your customer is positive about what they want to invest in. Regret is common among remodelers, according to the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI). Knowing what to spend more on versus less on could impact the outcome of their home and its resale value.

Best Kitchen Remodels

The top kitchen items splurged on most in a remodel are countertops, cabinetry, refrigerators, cooking appliances, and flooring, according to professional kitchen designers, which makes sense as those are the biggest items to invest in. The items most frequently skimped on are lighting and functional hardware. This is because they are often brought up after the big items are already accounted for, using up most of the money. At the same time, the materials chosen for the splurged countertops are also chosen for full height backsplashes, significantly increasing the cost beyond what clients might have expected.

RICKI also reported that two-thirds of clients regretted not spending more on some aspect of their project. These items included kitchen cabinetry first, followed by countertops, and then lighting. You鈥檒l want to make sure your customer is satisfied with the look of the cabinets, and the hardware that allows them to open and close. Would they like under cabinet lighting in addition to the ceiling? More lighting will make it safer and improve sight.

Offering financing to your customers can greatly change their project. It will increase the project size and they could then get everything they wanted, paying it off through low monthly payments over time. Contact Foundation Finance today to find out how you can partner with us, and help your customers get what they really want.

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