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9 Social Media Tasks to Do Before the New Year

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Home improvement jobs slow down for a lot of contractors in the days leading up to the holidays, but there鈥檚 still plenty of work to do. If you find yourself with a bit of time, take a few minutes to audit your social media accounts and get them ready to represent your business in 2024.

1. Make a list of accounts.

Seek out any and all social media accounts with your business鈥檚 name attached to them. If you have social accounts that are no longer active and you don鈥檛 plan to use moving forward, consider hiding or deactivating them.

2. Check your contact details.

Offices change locations. Phone numbers change. Email addresses get more specialized. Make sure the contact information you have listed is the information you want potential customers to use.

3. Review your most popular posts.

Check your social media analytics to see what kind of content resonated with your viewers. Use these insights to create an even better content plan for 2024.

4. Update your banner.

How long have you used the same image for your social media banners? Is 2024 the year you start fresh with a new banner?

5. Check your profile image.

Most companies use their company logo for their profile image. Whether or not this is true for your company, make sure your image is up to date, properly sized for the profile section, and high quality.

6. Add to your profile.

Check your page鈥檚 about you section. Make sure everything is still accurate and take a few minutes to add a bit more about yourself and what you do to give your customers a great home improvement experience.

7. Go through your reviews.

Some social media sites give you the option to collect reviews. Make sure you know what comments people have shared about your business on your profiles.

8. Add some photos.

People love pictures. If you鈥檝e been thinking about showing off your office鈥檚 Christmas tree or the incredible work you did on your last job, go for it! Just remember to get the homeowner鈥檚 permission first.

9. Review your ad settings.

Thinking about changing or starting your social media ad strategy in 2024? Go ahead and plan or schedule your changes now.

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