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Closing Sales During the Holidays

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Shopping, wrapping, parties, dinners, family, friends, and more keep homeowners busy this time of year. However, with Christmas around the corner and the new year on the horizon, the end of the year can still be a great time to wrap up some sales. Here are some tips to capture your customer’s attention during the hectic holiday season.

1. Focus on Affordability.

Some customers delay their project or renovation until the new year due to the higher-than-normal expenses they have in December. Luckily, customers who use financing and start or schedule a project during the holidays are unlikely to have the payment come due until some time in the new year.

If they opt for financing, that payment becomes even more affordable when broken into low monthly payments. That makes now the perfect time to start a project.

2. Offer Discounts.

Get competitive about your pricing and keep affordability top of mind by offering customers who schedule their project during the holidays a special rate. If your customer is financing their project with Foundation Finance, consider offering them a deferred payment promo or free reduced interest rate.

3. Talk Benefits.

Most projects can be broken down into features and benefits during the sales process. A feature describes what the project or material does, but a benefit states how this improves the customer’s life. Some benefits to focus on include winter energy savings or ways the project will make hosting during future holidays easier or more enjoyable.

4. Get Seasonal.

Some projects are best scheduled during the warmer months, so focus your advertising and marketing on indoor projects and jobs that can be completed during the colder months.

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