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Fall Financing Strategy

By Foundation Finance | October 19, 2020

Fall signals the end of summer, the transition to winter, and the onset of your business’ 4th quarter. The pandemic has affected quarterly and year-end goals since the 1st quarter of 2020. What’s your plan for ending the year strong? If you’re scratching your head wondering what exactly to do, don’t worry! We’ve got the […]

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The Power of Financing

By Foundation Finance | October 9, 2020

Financing isn’t just a fancy word for customers to borrow money, it’s a program that gives customers hope, businesses strength and P&L statements a positive boost. When you’re in an industry that provides high ticket products, services and an abundance of options, you know that the customer’s pockets have to be lined with an abundance […]

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Seal the Deal With DocuSign

By Foundation Finance | October 5, 2020

Zoom meetings, social distancing, working from home and online shopping have become mainstream as the pandemic continues. Consumers are embracing new ways to do business. And businesses shouldn’t be afraid to embrace the online tools that help their buyers do business with them. The pandemic has fast-tracked the popularity of using eSignatures, like DocuSign, especially […]

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How to Offer Financing that Closes Sales

By Foundation Finance | September 25, 2020

Offering financing to customers increases buyer conversion and customer loyalty. It also increases average project size by 15%, reports a study by bigcommerce.com. So it’s in the best interests of your home improvement business to offer financing. But are there best practices on how to successfully offer it to your customers? Of course there are! […]

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Take the Fear Out of Financing

By Foundation Finance | September 21, 2020

Having an inhouse financing program as part of your sales toolbox is a tried and true method for many retail industries. Consumer financing programs like same-as-cash and low monthly payments are commonplace in furniture and jewelry stores and widely popular in vehicle dealerships. So why are some home improvement contractors reluctant to offer financing? Let’s […]

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Want to Build Leads? Show Your Work!

By Foundation Finance | September 11, 2020

A photo or video can sell your business when you’re not even present in the conversation. Ready to build some leads? Here are a few simple ways to showcase your work:

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Simple Steps to Increase Fall Sales

By Foundation Finance | September 4, 2020

As we approach the fall season and inch closer to the end of the year, capturing every sale is vital—especially when facing year-end goals. It’s been a challenging spring and summer as the pandemic threw great caution into the marketplace. However, with homeowners experiencing more time in their homes, attempting remodeling projects too large to […]

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Is Your Marketing Surviving the Pandemic?

By Foundation Finance | August 31, 2020

When the pandemic rolled in during the first quarter of 2020, no one could have predicted the rapid shift to eCommerce as an era of social distancing emerged. And when unemployment numbers began to rise, who knew the consumer’s share of wallet would shrink so quickly? Many home improvement dealers were scratching their heads asking: […]

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Acing the Credit App Process

By Foundation Finance | August 21, 2020

Although a credit application is one of the most important steps in getting financing for a home improvement project, it’s actually one of the easiest to complete. A credit application is a standardized form used to request credit from a lender like Foundation Finance. The form includes basic questions such as the amount of credit […]

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Training Is Key to Sales Success

By Foundation Finance | August 17, 2020

Foundation Finance Company’s financing portfolio is extensive, including installment loans, revolving credit, same-as-cash plans, deferred payment plans, prime, near-prime and subprime approvals. For contractors whose specialty is home improvements, understanding the details of a financing program may be a bit outside their comfort zone. But once you join Foundation Finance’s dealer network, a breadth of […]

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