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Build Your SEO with Local Content

By Foundation Finance | April 11, 2022
couple searching for a contractor

Thanks to search engines like Google, people have more access to information than ever before. Finding a home improvement contractor or learning what types of upgrades are available for a home is as easy as typing a few words into Google. That’s why having a good SEO strategy is so important – to ensure you […]

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A Window Contractor’s Guide to Setting Expectations

By Foundation Finance | April 6, 2022
window installation

Keeping your customers happy starts with setting the right expectations. Before your customer signs their work order, be sure they know what to expect when buying new windows. Here are some topics you should be very clear about, especially in the current market where getting the materials and labor for a window installation project can […]

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SEO Basics for Home Improvement Contractors

By Foundation Finance | April 4, 2022
SEO for Contractors

The first non-paid result of a Google search gets around 28% of all clicks, with the second and third getting around 16% and 11% respectively. However, there are billions of people vying for just 10 spaces on the first page, with the first position on the first page being the ultimate prize. Beyond the first […]

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Close More Siding Sales with Financing

By Foundation Finance | March 30, 2022
Close More Siding Sales with Financing

Spring is well on the way for most parts of the country, which means it’s time for many homeowners to start thinking about replacing and repairing their weather-worn siding. Help potential customers take the leap to a fresh, new exterior with easy, affordable financing. Here are 3 ways to close your next sale with siding […]

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3 Ways to Warm Up Cold Leads This Spring

By Foundation Finance | March 28, 2022
Warm Up Cold Leads This Spring

The goal of any good sales funnel is to move as many potential customers through the sales process as possible, but no lead nurturing process is perfect. Some customers decide they don’t want to move forward with a project. Others want to save up more money first or wait for a more convenient time. When […]

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Figuring Out Your Sales Funnel

By Foundation Finance | March 23, 2022
Figuring Out Your Sales Funnel

The way new customers enter your business is often referred to as a sales funnel. Others call it a lead pipeline. Either way, it’s a way of describing the process of taking someone who barely knows who you are (top of the funnel) and turning them into an active customer (bottom of the funnel). Sales […]

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How Customer Service Impacts Sales in the Roofing Industry

By Foundation Finance | March 21, 2022
customer service tips for roofing contractors

The number of roofing businesses in the United States has grown an average of 1.8% each year from 2017 to 2022. With competition on the rise, how do you grow your roofing business? Your competitors likely have access to the same materials you do, but you control the quality of your customer service. Make sure […]

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Closing Sales with Email Campaigns

By Foundation Finance | March 16, 2022
Drip email campaigns for home improvement business

In an ideal world, each potential customer you meet would be ready to move forward with their sale right away. However, in the real world, customers will reach out for information weeks or even months before they’re ready to start their home improvement project. But, just because these people aren’t ready to work with you […]

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How to Find More Customers in the Water Treatment Industry

By Foundation Finance | March 14, 2022
how to find water treatment system customers

After learning what’s in their water, most people will agree that they would like to have a new water treatment system. However, unless there is something visibly wrong with their water, homeowners may relegate this important project as a nice-to-have upgrade rather than the must-have it truly is. The key to closing new business is […]

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Creating a More Effective Sales Pitch

By Foundation Finance | March 4, 2022
Architect presenting house floor plan to client on tablet computer

You provide your customers with products and services to transform their homes and improve their lives. But, how do you get your customers to understand the value of what you provide and to choose your services over other local home improvement contractors? Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, your success at […]

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