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5 Summer Safety Tips for Contractors

By Foundation Finance | July 20, 2022
summer safety

The peak of summer can be a tough time for contractors who spend a lot of time outdoors. According to OSHA, thousands of workers become sick from the heat each year. Make sure you and your team are keeping cool with these summer safety reminders. Stay hydrated. Water and sports drinks are great options to […]

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Common Financing Terms for You and Your Customers

By Foundation Finance | July 13, 2022
finance terms

Offering home improvement financing for your customers is an easy way to differentiate yourself from your competitors while helping your customers. However, not everyone is familiar with financing basics. If you or your customers get stuck on our financing jargon, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most common financing terms and abbreviations […]

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10 Questions Roofing Customers Need to Know

By Foundation Finance | June 27, 2022
what roof customers need to know

The roof is one of the most important parts of a home, but many homeowners don’t know when they should reach out to a roofing specialist. Make sure your website is ready to offer homeowners the information they need by answering these 10 roofing-related questions. How much does a new roof cost? When to replace […]

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Tech Spotlight: Google Business Profiles for Contractors

By Foundation Finance | June 22, 2022
google business profile for contractors

Creating a business profile on Google is one of the most important steps to ensure new customers can find your home improvement business. Learn what it is, how to claim a profile, and the necessary steps to keep your profile up to date here! What Is It? Creating your Google Business Profile activates a special […]

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Important Search Terms for the HVAC Industry

By Foundation Finance | June 13, 2022
HVAC search terms

Looking for content ideas for your HVAC blog, social media channels, or SEO plan? Using a tool such as Google Trends can help you hone in on what terms consumers are searching for. Check this list of June HVAC-related trending searches for keyword inspiration. Best HVAC systems 2022 Best HVAC systems 2021 Finance HVAC system […]

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Tech Spotlight: Google Analytics for Contractors

By Foundation Finance | June 8, 2022
home improvement analytics

Building a successful business doesn’t happen overnight and figuring out when you’ve hit important milestones can be almost as hard as achieving them. One tool that can help you track your growth and progress is Google Analytics. Here’s what you need to know…  What Is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free tool you can […]

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Planning a Vacation as a Small Business Owner

By Foundation Finance | June 1, 2022
home improvement vacation

Finding time to relax, unwind, and spend time with your family without the stress of work is tough when you run your own business. Even more so when you plan to go on vacation. However, no one is more deserving of a break than you! Here are some ways you can find help, set expectations, […]

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The Foundation Finance Difference

By Foundation Finance | May 23, 2022
happy home improvement contractor

Foundation Finance provides consumer financing programs designed to serve a wide range of home improvement and renovation projects. Whether your customers are installing a new system to improve their home or renovating an outdated room, our consumer financing program can help you save time, save money, and grow your bottom line. Some of the benefits […]

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Business Basics: Why Every Contractor Needs a CRM

By Foundation Finance | May 16, 2022
home improvement CRM

Every business runs on leads. Leads that can take a long time to turn into customers. Homeowners often experience delays or start researching their potential home improvement projects well before they are ready to close a deal. However, keeping track of these leads and contacts and working with them as they get ready for their […]

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10 Questions Turf Customers Need to Know

By Foundation Finance | May 4, 2022
what turf customers need to know

In the summer months when the water bill skyrockets to keep the lawn green or in the winter when lawns turn dry and brown, many homeowners start thinking about other lawn options. This is the ideal time to connect and begin a conversation about turf. Make sure homeowners in your area know who to turn […]

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