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Competitive Rates Make You More Competitive!

By Foundation Finance | August 9, 2021
Young handsome architect man wearing helmet holding dollars

Sounds rudimentary, doesn’t it? Competitive rates are…competitive. Right. But only if you’re actually offering them to customers! Having competitive rates in hand isn’t quite the same strategy as creating competitive pricing for your products and services and promoting it alongside your competition. What if those prices are still a bit unachievable for potential customers? You […]

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Will We See You at the Next Trade Show?

By Foundation Finance | August 2, 2021
Exibition Hall holding business trade show or commercial activity concept

It’s been well over a year of cancelled, postponed or virtual-only shows. Are you as thrilled as we are that live industry events are back in full swing? Roofing contractors, water quality dealers, HVAC installers, small and large business owners and many more professionals in the home improvement industry are once again attending trade shows […]

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Financing to the Rescue!

By Foundation Finance | July 23, 2021
Man with construction hat sitting at desk

Even though home improvement sales are up and expected to stay up, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for home improvement businesses. Labor shortages, material price increases and supply delays are creating continued pressures affecting profit margins and customer pricing. According to a June 2021 report from Associated Builders and Contractors, a “shortage of skilled workers […]

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Got a Financing Partner? Collaborate With Them!

By Foundation Finance | July 19, 2021
Business man and engineer sitting at table discussing paperwork

If you want to make more sales for your home improvement business, an inhouse financing program is a valuable asset. But even more valuable is continued interaction with your financing partner. Technically it’s called “collaboration”.  Both you and your financing partner are working toward the same goal: more sales. Approach the partnership as if you’re […]

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Customer Financing Can Soothe Unexpected Market Spikes

By Foundation Finance | July 8, 2021
Man with tablet reaching for timber

What’s worse than a sudden price hike in supplies? Watching your customer take a hike after seeing an unexpected project cost increase. Home improvement contractors can’t control the market, but there is a way they can control their customers’ reactions to environmentally influenced pricing. Financing. Providing financing for your customers makes dreams come true. The […]

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Low Payments Finance Customer Dreams

By Foundation Finance | July 2, 2021
Couple sitting next to each other envisioning new apartment layout

Whether you’re using low rates or long terms, a low monthly payment is exactly what a customer wants to see on the project quote’s payment line. More consumers are turning to financing for their home remodeling dreams…and remodeling professionals prepared to offer financing have the advantage in securing more projects. Monthly payments are key . […]

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Success Starts with the Welcome Package

By Foundation Finance | June 28, 2021
Hands holding wrapped gift box

When you decide to become part of a dealer financing network, make sure you’re entering into a partnership with a strong support philosophy. Communication, guidance, training and continued interaction is a must for anyone learning a new process, especially one that directly impacts your bottom line. From the moment your enrollment application is approved you’re […]

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You Couldn’t Complete a Remodeling Project without Tools, Right?

By Foundation Finance | June 18, 2021
Man kneeling and working on kitchen blueprints

Imagine installing an HVAC unit or replacing a window with no tools. Or gutting out a kitchen for a full remodel…using just your hands. The project would have to be abandoned or shrunk down to a manageable scope. Now imagine a customer with no financing options. The same concept applies: no financing means abandoning the […]

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Include Financing with Your Project Quotes

By Foundation Finance | June 10, 2021
Hand writing a quote on a clipboard for construction project

We’ve heard from several home improvement contractors (many posting their woes on Twitter), who are spending a LOT of time writing project quotes but getting a low percentage of commitments in return. It’s frustrating to spend so much time upfront trying to capture the sale and, in the end, losing it. Is there a more […]

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Let Homeowners Dream Big!

By Foundation Finance | June 4, 2021
Man and women sitting while holding hands and envisioning their dream home

June 2021 was just declared “National Homeownership Month” by the president of the U.S. to “recognize the enduring value of homeownership and to recommit to helping more Americans realize that dream.” Further, in the official proclamation, the president states: “A home is more than four walls and a roof; it is a place where we […]

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