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Contractor Resolutions for 2019

As we close on the final hours of 2018, looking forward to the new year is natural. Many people make personal resolutions but do you make any for your business?

Making resolutions to improve your business in the upcoming year can seem like a no-brainer but actually setting goals and determining what to focus on can seem daunting. But with a solid plan in place, creating business resolutions and sticking to them can be a lot easier and come 2020, you’ll be glad you did.

To ring in the new year, consider these seven resolutions and see our tips on how to accomplish them.

  1. Discover Your Niche

    Determining what your company is best at and using it to accelerate growth and profits is in your business’ best interest. Read our article “Discover Your Niche for Increased Profits” for tips on determining your niche.

  2. Prepare Your Business for Growth

    Once you’ve determined a niche and have begun increasing profits, it is important to set your business up for success. Answer the questions in this article to determine if your business is positioned to grow or if you have work to do.

  3. Be Visible

    Ensure that your prospective clients can find you. Consistent, effective marketing will go a long way. See this article to get started.

  4. Offer Financing

    One of the easiest ways to grow your business is to give your customers more payment options. Check out “Why Most top Contractors Offer Financing and Why You Should Too” to find out why and this article for ways to promote financing to increase sales.

  5. Take Care of Your Team

    Set your sales team up for success with these guidelines and add these three items to your company benefits to be sure you’re covering their needs. Happy employees means a job well done.

  6. Don’t Leave Money On the Table

    Make sure you have processes in place to address every lead that comes in to your company. Read our three part “Speed to Lead” series to ensure your leads aren’t falling through the cracks.

  7. Invest in Yourself

    Becoming a better business owner should be one of your highest priorities. Doing these three things in your business will set you p for success and prepare you for anything.

The health of your business is as important as your own personal health if you want long term success. Resolutions like the above will give you a leg up on competition and improve your bottom line.

Happy New Year from all of us at Foundation Finance. Cheers to 2019!

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