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Important Search Terms for the HVAC Industry

HVAC search terms

Looking for content ideas for your HVAC blog, social media channels, or SEO plan? Using a tool such as Google Trends can help you hone in on what terms consumers are searching for. Check this list of June HVAC-related trending searches for keyword inspiration.

Top HVAC Searches

  1. Best HVAC systems 2022
  2. Best HVAC systems 2021
  3. Finance HVAC system bad credit
  4. HVAC contractor
  5. Wireless HVAC zone control system
  6. Finance HVAC system
  7. HVAC system working principle
  8. Cost to install HVAC system with ductwork
  9. Finance new HVAC system
  10. Financing a new HVAC system
  11. Financing a HVAC system
  12. Types of HVAC system
  13. Cost of new HVAC system for house

Trending search terms change frequently and fluctuate depending on which term you base your own search on. To create your own Google Trends search, visit and type in the search term or topic your interested in. This will allow you to see the interest in your search term over the last year, the interest by subregion, related topics, and related queries.

Another way to find topics that may interest potential customers is to pull a list of your website鈥檚 most visited pages. If you have Google Analytics installed, you can find your website鈥檚 top pages and top searches to determine what terms and topics your current audience is interested in.

One aspect of HVAC searches you may find interesting is how often customers search for financing. Foundation Finance enables contractors like you to offer customers HVAC financing, making a new HVAC system more affordable. Learn how to become a dealer here.

You can build on us. Enroll today in the Foundation Finance dealer network. Contact us for more info:聽1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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