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Networking Tips to Build Your Business

Long-term business success isn’t a one-man job. It takes a network of dedicated employees, past customers, and support from the community. Having a strong network of personal and professional contacts ensures you have somewhere to turn to for advice or guidance, new business opportunities, and potential customers. Build a strong network and find ways to grow your connections with these tips.

Make new connections.

Networking is all about meeting people and creating new connections, which all boils down to talking to people. Whether you’re mingling with parents during your kids’ soccer practice, chatting with contractors at the local hardware store, or making small talk with the regulars at your favorite coffee house, chances are, someone you run into will need your services or knows someone looking for a contractor.

Leave a lasting impression.

How long do new acquaintances remember you after you part ways? Make sure you create a lasting impression by using their name, mentioning your name more than once, and identifying a shared interest or experience. Remember to give them your business card or phone number to make it easier for them to get in touch after you part ways.

Don’t push.

Networking is about building a web of connections you can use to expand your reach, not about generating leads for your business. Find ways to talk about your business, projects, and goals without it becoming a sales pitch so that your connections have the opportunity to ask questions about your services.

Build relationships.

Building a network of connections requires follow up. Don’t always wait for the people you meet to reach out to you. Be proactive about asking for people’s contact information, reaching out, and building a foundation of trust.

Respect Boundaries.

Asking questions about your contact’s family, career, and ambitions is a good way to get to know them and build a personal connection. Just be aware of social cues to make sure you don’t delve into topics that your connection would rather not discuss with you.

Know your value proposition.

What makes your home improvement business different than your competitor’s? Do you offer financing? Do you have a long history of happy customers? Do you offer energy-efficient home upgrades? Figure out your value proposition and know how to express it quickly and clearly.

A strong network should include past customers, business associates, thought leaders, and service providers. Start expanding your network and keep up to date on the latest news and business tips by following us on LinkedIn!


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