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Finding Customers Online

The home improvement and renovation industries are booming right now, so finding customers for your business should be easy. However, that’s not always the case. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to grow an already successful business, one of the best ways to find more customers is through online advertising.

Whether someone needs new windows or wants to do a complete home renovation, many homeowners start their search for a contractor or builder online. You can improve your chances of connecting with them by leveraging the advertising power of the sites they’re already using.

Creating digital ads differs from website to website, but some common decisions you’ll have to make when you create your ads include:


What do you want to achieve? You’ll choose different ad formats and call-to-actions (CTAs) on what you hope someone will do after seeing your ad. Do you want your ads to send people to your website? Call you? Visit your office? Fill out a form? Choose a specific, measurable goal and create your ad with that specific goal in mind, rather than attempting to create an all-purpose ad.


Each of your jobs and customers is a bit different, but there are some traits or characteristics they share. Perhaps they all live in the same city or are all homeowners. Maybe you work with a lot of newlyweds or retirees. You can use your current or desired audience group as a template when choosing who you want to show your ads to. Most digital ad programs will allow you to select factors such as what age groups, professions, interests, or geographic regions you want to target with your ads.


Posting your name and contact information online probably won’t create great results for your business. You need a message and to let people know what’s in it for them if they interact with your ad. Popular messages in the home improvement and renovation industry include information on how to get a free in-home or over the phone estimate for a project, downloadable guides, and photos showcasing your work.


Where do you want to send people who click on your ads? This should change based on your goal. If you want people to call you, incorporating your phone number into your CTA will be essential. If you want more website traffic, consider offering a free guide or brochure and connect the ad to a download page on your website.

Where to Advertise

Here are some advertising platforms you can consider if you want to generate more business online.

Social Media

Social media offers great lead generation potential – 72% of Americans use some type of social media, making it one of the best ways to reach new customers online. A well-run, active social media profile can help you nurture past and potential customers who come looking for your business or who you’re already in contact with. However, to reach and attract new customers, you’ll probably achieve stronger results with paid advertising. Some popular social media sites with easy-to-use advertising options include Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Search Platforms, the largest search platform on the planet, averages 63,000 searches per second. That adds up to billions of searches each day. Even after you narrow that potential audience down to people looking for a contractor in your area, you’re still looking at a vast pool of potential business.

Search engines offer several types of advertising. Two popular options are search ads and display ads.

Search Ads:

Sorting your website to the top of search results in the “Ad” spots so that people searching keywords related to your business will see you before the organic search results.

Display Ads:

Have your business’s banner or display ad show up on other people’s or business’s website or app.

However you choose to advertise, know that Foundation Finance is here to help your customers afford the renovation of their dreams. Our consumer financing programs are designed to support a wide range of credit profiles and projects. If you would like to discuss how becoming a Foundation Finance dealer can help support your growing business, give us a call!


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