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Productivity Tips for Busy Contractors

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Spring can be a hectic time for those in the home improvement industry. Finding time to close sales, do jobs and make time for yourself and your family can be tough. However, you can get more from your day by making the most of your time with these simple productivity tips.


It’s not always easy to buckle down and do what you need to do when you have incoming phone calls, people asking you questions, social media and the 101 other distractions that come your way. Create or find places and ways to cut out distractions and tackle the task at hand.


If there’s not enough time in the day to do everything you want to get done, prioritize. Create a to-do list and rank each item based on how important it is and when it needs to be done. Schedule time to work towards the things that must be done and then work towards middle and lower priority tasks when you can.


Contractors are often highly independent – a great trait which sometimes makes it hard to ask for help. Take an honest look at your workload and consider whether you have tasks on your plate that would be better delegated to someone else. If you work alone or don’t have any team members with extra bandwidth, consider hiring extra permanent, part time or seasonal help.

Say No.

Not every job is worth doing. Some contractors fall into the trap of accepting every customer, when in some cases it’s better to just say no. Allow yourself to turn down opportunities that aren’t worth the benefits you would receive. If a job is too far out of town or tracking down the materials would eat up time that could be spent more profitably on another job, consider referring the homeowner to a different company instead.

Offer Financing.

Spend less time selling by offering customers home improvement financing. It’s fast, easy and makes big projects more affordable. Consider adding a promo to incentivize customers to close now, rather than waiting and missing out on a great deal.

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