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Spooky Ways to Sabotage Your Sale

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Summer is the busy season for a lot of home improvement contactors, meaning during the fall, winter and spring, you can give each sale and customer a bit more attention to keep your sales funnel flowing.  Keep your sales rate high and make sure you’re attracting and closing sales year-round by avoiding these sale-killing problems.


Keeping track of each past, present and future customer is a scary task. Make it easier by maintaining an active CRM. Include the essentials such as each customer’s name, phone number, address and project details, but also add notes about past conversation topics and rapport builders, such as their hobbies, interests or job.

Weak Online Presence

It’s 2023. When someone needs a product or service, they search online. Make sure your company is well reviewed, easy to find, clearly states what you do, and makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you. Social media, a Google Business profile and your company website play a big role in how much online business you can generate each month.

Too Many Hats

What parts of your job are you good at? Which do you struggle with? No one is good at everything, so some of the vitally important tasks that must be done don’t necessarily have to be done by you. Figure out what each member of your team is best at to distribute the workload more effectively. Delegate tasks that aren’t in your skillset so you can focus on the aspects of your job that you do best.

Out of Touch

Face to face business is falling by the wayside for many industries, but not home improvement. Make an effort to meet potential customers face to face as soon as possible to start building rapport, estimate their project cost and lock in a sale.

Not Offering Payment Options

Don’t scare off potential customers by requiring they pay for their home renovation project in a lump sum. With the help of Foundation Finance, you can offer customers with FICOs as low as 600 a low monthly payment. Join our dealer network to access the payment calculator and prequalify your customers!

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