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Blog Topics to Keep Your Website Relevant

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You can create huge growth opportunities for your business with a website that has strong SEO. Capitalize on that potential with blog articles. They can add a lot of SEO. However, coming up with topics that are relevant to your business and your customers can be tricky. If you’re stuck, consider some of the options below.

Questions & Answers

If one customer asks you a question, there’s a good chance someone else is (or will) wonder the same thing. Whether they reach out to you directly or take their question to Google, offering up the information on your website creates an opportunity to connect with people searching for answers.

Showcase Homes

Showing someone the excellent work you do can be more convincing than simply telling someone that you have experience. Share pictures of the work you have done and explanations of how you helped the homeowner achieve the results they wanted.


Why do you use certain brands and materials? Do they offer warranties or offer potential energy savings? Sharing some customer-friendly information about your products and materials can give customers insight to make decisions for their project.


Let your customers know what services you offer and what a customer could expect from a typical project. Remember, things that seem obvious to you may seem completely foreign to your customers, so don’t be afraid to cover the basics.


If you volunteer, sponsor a youth team or participate in events to aid your community, share pictures and raise awareness for the cause you support on your blog.

Maintenance Tips and Schedules

Share home maintenance tips to help your customers avoid expensive home repairs. Even something as simple as letting a new homeowner know they need to change their air filter each month could save them thousands of dollars down the road.

While writing up your articles, remember to work in relevant keywords. This will help search engines direct potential business to your website. Once you get in touch with them, close your sale faster by prequalifying them for financing with Foundation Finance. It’s fast, easy and won’t negatively impact their credit score.*

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*Upon our receipt of the customer’s completed credit application and signed financing documents a hard inquiry on the customer’s credit (that may affect the customer’s credit score) will occur.

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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