Foundation Finance: The Sale Starts with the Search

The Sale Starts with the Search

It’s spring! With the warmer temps, homeowners are bursting out of their front doors and embracing a new season of outdoor activity. That’s when they realize their deck didn’t fair well over the winter and the grill is falling apart. When their families start visiting again, there’s no room for all of them to fit on the small patio. And, logistically, it’d be great to have an outdoor fireplace for early- and late-season cool nights. And maybe a pool.

Sounds like a great opportunity for home improvement contractors. But not quite yet. What’s the next thing a homeowner will do when dreaming up outdoor living expansions—or any type of home improvement? Search. “Google it.” They’ll turn to their computers, phones or Alexa and research the topic. Gaining new business starts with whether or not your company name appears in those search results.

To put in perspective how much consumers rely on digital search…Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second, or around 3.5 billion searches per day in the U.S. (View real-time stats here.) Home improvement contractors face numerous hurdles to attract new business, so it’s important to make yourself visible right from the digital start!

Are You a “Qualified Remodeler?”

Two of the top phrases home owners are searching for (as of the time of this article) are “Qualified Remodeler” and “Home Improvement Contractor.” Another pertinent top search phrase is “Home Improvement Financing.” If you’re paying attention, these popular queries can easily bring new customers to your business, or at least bring up your business name to some qualified leads.

But, how?! First, review your Google Business profile, your website’s About section and your social channel descriptions. Make sure you’re using those popular search terms in your company profiles. For example, “We are qualified remodelers offering affordable home improvement financing that makes customer renovation dreams come true!”

Do Some Quick Research

There are a few simple ways to check popular search terms for your industry. The easiest method is to google some terms and see what auto-fills in the suggested search list. For example, open a new browser window and when you type “deck expansion” or “patio contractors” note the words and phrases that come up in the list below your search bar. These are generally popular queries as determined by your search engine’s algorithm.

You can also use a research tool, such as the Google Keyword Planner. The tool allows you to type in specific keywords to see how popular they are, how high they rank in search, and even how competitive they are. You’ll need a Google username and password to access this tool, but it’s free to use once you’re logged in.

Once you get a realistic idea of which words and phrases your potential customers are searching for, put them to use! Use these search terms or “keywords” to:

  • Optimize your website content
  • Enhance your blog articles
  • Include in advertising copy

Spring is a competitive season for “qualified remodeling contractors” so it’s important for “home improvement contractors” to use an effective strategy to capture new business. Incorporating valuable search terms such as “home improvement financing” into promotional messaging can increase your visibility and win potential customers.

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