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How to Find More Customers in the Water Treatment Industry

After learning what’s in their water, most people will agree that they would like to have a new water treatment system. However, unless there is something visibly wrong with their water, homeowners may relegate this important project as a nice-to-have upgrade rather than the must-have it truly is.

The key to closing new business is finding and educating potential customers about the ways a water treatment system can improve their lives and protect their family’s health. Discover ways to give your water treatment system business a jumpstart with these techniques to find, educate, and convert new customers.

Attend Local Events

Attract potential business by signing up for a booth at local events. Bring along some free branded goodies, set up a banner, and be prepared to offer a 20-30 second rundown on why booth visitors may need a water treatment system and how you can help.

Participate in Home Buyer Seminars

Find out if there are any home buyer classes or seminars in the area you serve. If possible, partner up with the classes to offer a short segment covering the importance of a water treatment system. You will also want to share information on how to contact you for a water quality test or in-home estimate after they purchase their new home.

Befriend Area HOAs

Many homeowner associations host meetings, have social media groups, and send out newsletters that can be a valuable way to reach and educate potential customers about water treatment systems. Reach out to HOAs and offer to share tips on their social media or in their newsletter. You can also consider offering a neighborhood-wide special to incentivize homeowners to utilize your services.

Offer Financing

Many people find in-home water treatment systems more affordable when they can make low monthly payments instead of having to come up with the entire project’s costs up front. Enrolling to offer financing through Foundation Finance is free, and as a dealer, you have access to special promotions, reduced APRs, and marketing materials to close sales and make the financing process easy. Enroll now or learn more about how water treatment system financing works.

Expand Your Social Reach

Education is a big part of closing more water treatment system sales, and with so many people using social media every day, it’s a great place to connect with new people. Try running education-focused ads to attract people to your business website. Offering free downloads and resources can also drive traffic to your website. Make sure your ads connect back to a landing page or contact form so that you can capture visitors’ information.


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