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Creating a More Effective Sales Pitch

You provide your customers with products and services to transform their homes and improve their lives. But, how do you get your customers to understand the value of what you provide and to choose your services over other local home improvement contractors? Whether you鈥檙e new to the industry or a seasoned pro, your success at closing new customers often comes down to your sales pitch.

What Problem Do You Solve?

Go beyond the technical details to determine the benefits you grant your customers, rather than just the features of your work. For example, if you own a roofing business, the materials you use and time frame you can complete a job in are features, but the benefits are what鈥檚 in it for your customers. For example, maybe you complete jobs quickly so your customers can get back to normal faster. Maybe the materials you work with ensure a longer-lasting roof, meaning your customers will save money in the long term. Come up with a list of features and benefits you provide your customers and incorporate them into your sales pitch.

How Are You Different?

Whether your business goes miles beyond what your competitors offer or seems similar on the surface, every contractor and business is different. Maybe your business sponsors a t-ball team or has gone paper-less to promote sustainability. Whatever the difference is, identify it and find ways to leverage it to set yourself apart!

Personalize It.

Many of your features and benefits will appeal to a wide range of customers, but each customer and project is unique. Get to know potential customers with some small talk before your sales pitch so you can cater it to their needs and wants.

Address Common Objections

How many times have you heard that your customer needs to talk to their spouse before making a decision, or that the project is outside their budget? There are some objections that come up time and time again. Make sure you know what you鈥檒l say to overcome objections before you begin a sales pitch.

Make it Affordable.

If your customer can鈥檛 afford to invest thousands of dollars on a project right now, recommend financing. Foundation Finance offers free APRs starting at 7.9% so your customers can make low monthly payments instead of trying to come up with the whole project cost up front. Work the possibility of financing throughout your sales pitch to reinforce the affordability of the project and make them more receptive to the rest of your pitch.

Share References.

Show potential customers your past work to highlight the quality you bring to the table. Come prepared with a testimonial sheet with reviews from past customers praising your work, service, and materials.

Visual Aids

People typically learn better when they have something to look at in addition to an audio input. Create a flyer, pamphlet, booklet, or slideshow to go along with your sales pitch and use visual aids as a method to double up on important parts of your pitch, such as benefits, testimonials, and stats.

Close the Deal.

The most important part of a sales pitch is the ask. Many beginner salesmen wait for the customer to take initiative and ask to get on the contractor鈥檚 calendar. Take charge of your sales pitch and offer your customers the choice of two dates for when they would like their work to start.


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