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Closing Sales with Email Campaigns

In an ideal world, each potential customer you meet would be ready to move forward with their sale right away. However, in the real world, customers will reach out for information weeks or even months before they鈥檙e ready to start their home improvement project. But, just because these people aren鈥檛 ready to work with you now, doesn鈥檛 mean they won鈥檛 want to work with you in the future. Make sure you treat these valuable leads as the potential customers they are and help move them further along the sales process by enrolling them in a drip email campaign.

What is a drip email campaign?

A drip email campaign is a series of emails that are typically set up in advance and auto-scheduled to go out to a recipient on a pre-determined schedule. Depending on the content of the emails, you can use a drip email campaign to educate potential customers, keep in touch with past customers, or provide useful information to current customers.

How to create a drip email campaign:

Many CRMs offer the option to create drip email campaigns. You can also use email marketing programs or apps to create and manage your drip email campaigns.

Drip email campaign ideas:

The drip email campaigns you enroll customers in should be relevant to their specific needs. Some examples of drip email campaigns your home improvement customers may be interested in include:

  • Leads

    : Include messages about the features and benefits of their project, different materials and upgrade options, how financing can make their project more affordable, and other information that could help move someone on the fence or not quite ready further along the sales process.

  • Past Customers

    : Share maintenance tips and schedules for the systems or upgrades you鈥檝e added to their homes.

  • Specific Project Types:

    If your business works on multiple project types, you could create different campaigns for each type. That way, you can focus on tips and information that is specific to the recipients rather than trying to cast a broader net that covers all projects.

  • Anniversary/Holidays:

    You can set up a campaign to mark a certain day each year, whether it鈥檚 the day a customer鈥檚 project was completed or a specific holiday. Start by making 5-10 emails that will auto-send every 365 days.

How often to schedule a drip email campaign:

How often you send out a drip email campaign will depend on the overall goal and audience. Some, like an anniversary campaign will only go out once a year. Past customers likely won鈥檛 need to hear from you more than monthly or quarterly. Leads may benefit from different pacing depending on whether they鈥檙e hot leads who are likely to move forward soon or cold leads who have more or less fallen out of touch with you. Hot leads should have more frequent contact than cold leads who should receive less frequent pacing the longer they go without returning your contact attempts.

Help your customers get ready to close faster with financing. Foundation Finance鈥檚 low APRs and user-friendly process makes financing big projects easy. Learn how home improvement financing works or enroll in the Foundation Finance dealer network today. Contact us for more info:聽1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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