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What If Santa Was A Roofing Contractor?

Can you imagine? The amount of roofs Santa could inspect and diagnose in just one winter’s eve? What an advantage to have a magic sleigh flying through the sky, pulled by eight tiny reindeer who mastered the soft landing every time. No cracked tile edges from banging ladders or scaffolding, and those steep pitches or ice dams—not a care or a worry!

Metal, tile, slate or steel, no roofing material would be too slick or too rugged for the runners of Santa’s sleigh or the well-practiced click-clack of a team of reindeer. Not even fog or bad weather  would make a difference when you’ve got a lead with a glowing red nose.

But Seriously Folks…

What’s better than a magical sleigh in the roofing industry? Drones! Traditional methods for inspecting a roof are changing as more contractors invest in innovative technologies like drones and infrared scanning. Roofing companies and homeowners alike benefit from the new tech—specifically after storms and other natural disasters where it’s difficult or impossible to access a roof to find the issue.

Inspections are faster, there’s less equipment, and the job is much, much safer with a drone gliding down the side of a roof versus a contractor.

Roofing Growth

Despite a pandemic-related slowdown, roofing demand is expected to increase, notes a recent analysis from Freedonia Group, a division of MarketResearch.com. Through 2024, growth in residential roofing demand will offset a slight decline in the commercial segment.

The residential market accounts for a majority of roofing demand because:

  • most homes have steep-slope roofs, which are more susceptible to damage
  • there’s more likelihood to replace roofs for aesthetic reasons among homeowners than commercial building owners
  • larger numbers of homes built each year and the relatively large size of residential roofing stock

The Gift of Affordability

December is a great time to reconnect with your customer base and build your pipeline for the coming year. Featuring an attractive financing promotion in your communications gives you an edge over the competition and strengthens your business’ connection with the consumer. Foundation Finance provides a variety of affordable options including same-as-cash, deferred and low monthly payments, reduced APRs and second looks.

You don’t have to be Santa Claus to add a sparkle into your customer’s eyes. Offer them the gift of affordability and watch your bottom line begin to shine.

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