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5 Ways to Promote Your Business During the Holidays

holiday home improvement marketing

Get a head start on your 2023 goals by doing some quick, easy marketing now. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Send a holiday card.

Create a list of past, present, and potential customers and send them a holiday greeting card. This is a friendly way to get their attention and maybe even win a place on their refrigerator or mantle.

Let your leads know you offer financing.

Email all your potential customers and let them know you are offering financing. Consider sharing some rough estimates for some of your more common jobs or simply mention how affordable their project could be with low monthly payments.

Offer a special promotion for returning customers.

Giving satisfied past customers a reason to use your services again is a great way to build loyalty and increase profit. We offer free reduced APRs and special promos for ALL approved customers, making this an affordable way to spread some cheer.

Get social.

Share photos of your office decorations or events on social media. These behind-the-scenes pictures will be sure to attract your followers’ attention.


Call up your local food bank, homeless shelter or animal shelter and see if they could use a helping hand. Invite your coworkers to tag along and turn it into a company-wide event. Spread the word and encourage others to pitch in on social media.

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