A Foundation Finance Success Story - Payless Kitchen Cabinets

A Foundation Finance Dealer Success Story – Shining the spotlight on Payless Kitchen Cabinets

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Avo Barsoumian is a zealous business owner who never stops learning, growing and expanding his scope. He’s been in the home improvement business for 35 years, beginning his entrepreneurial adventure in 1985 as founder of Carpet Wagon, and simultaneously expanding into the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry with Payless Kitchen Cabinets.

Known for its convenient “Shop@Home” sales model—an approach that brings the store to the customer’s door for the initial consultation–Payless Kitchen Cabinets is a revered family-owned kitchen, bath & flooring business firmly rooted in southern California. You can feel the result of Avo’s strong work ethic in the glowing customer testimonials on the company’s website, which support his stout philosophy of providing A+, responsive service from concept to completion. And then there’s that triple guarantee–yes, triple–as part of every single sale. Bold confidence that can turn a doubting prospect into a satisfied customer. Bravo Avo!

How could you make that successful business scenario any better? Oh, there’s always room for improvement!

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Improvement Factor.

Avo met Foundation Finance at a home improvement tradeshow about four years ago, he recalls. “When we first learned about what they do, we weren’t sure if financing would be something positive for our clients. But we tried it and it’s helped our business tremendously…and also our profitability level!”

What was appealing to Avo and his sales team was Foundation Finance could help customers that normally couldn’t afford a remodel project. “Foundation made it affordable for a client that wanted a dream remodeling project but didn’t quite have the funds to get it done. Through Foundation, we could offer payments that were extremely affordable so the customer could move forward with their dream,” he explains. “And we got a sale out of it!”

Avo says there are many similar stories, and happy customers, since they began working with Foundation Finance. Especially when it’s so easy for a kitchen and bath remodeling project to quickly expand. “One customer started at an entry-level price point. The project grew and their heart sank when they saw that the total investment would be twice what they thought it would be. They were concerned about qualifying for financing since they were a lower tier client and other places they talked to couldn’t help them. But, Foundation Finance could. They saved the day!”

Avo’s team is always excited to get the ‘yes’ from Foundation and share it with the customer. “We wouldn’t get the sale otherwise,” asserts Avo.



It’s A No Brainer.

The Payless Kitchen Cabinets staff is fully versed in offering financing at their sales calls. “Foundation goes the extra mile with training support,” notes Avo. “On more than one occasion they provided additional training and came out to do training onsite.”

Payless focuses on providing its clients with education and resources to help them make the best decisions. “We introduce the financing options during the Shop at Home consultation. It’s a no brainer, low-risk element,” impresses Avo.

“Foundation really does help us help the customer,” states Avo. An aspect he loves about Foundation’s financing process is “they allow split financing if we let them know there is financing from another source. They allow it!”A quote from Jennifer Engelmann, Foundation Finance Business Development Manager, on a contractor relationship

Another positive factor he emphasizes is “they’re constantly looking for ways to improve the product. For example, going from 10 to 12 to 15 years or a buy-down opportunity for the client or a payment percentage. They’re always looking to improve. Same concept as us!”

Payless Kitchen Cabinets Logo.Payless Kitchen Cabinets is a full-service, family-owned kitchen, bath & flooring company located in Glendale, CA.  They sell and install kitchen cabinets, countertops, stone tile and bathroom vanities. www.paylesskitchencabinets.com.


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