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A Window Contractor’s Guide to Setting Expectations

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Keeping your customers happy starts with setting the right expectations. Before your customer signs their work order, be sure they know what to expect when buying new windows. Here are some topics you should be very clear about, especially in the current market where getting the materials and labor for a window installation project can take weeks or even months.


Getting windows and labor lined up for a job isn’t as simple as it once was. With nation-wide shortages plaguing most industries, it’s important to give your customer a realistic time frame rather than an optimistic one. It’s better to surprise them by being early than making them wait past their expected installation date.


Many window-buying customers look up the price of labor and of the windows they like before they contact a window contractor. However, their estimates often fall short of more realistic numbers. Between labor, materials, permitting, and the windows themselves, many customers fall short when figuring out the cost of their window project. Be up front with what fees you will charge and where their money is going so there’s no confusion when they get the bill after all your hard work is completed.

You can make big projects more affordable with the help of window financing. Enroll in the Foundation Finance dealer network to access the payment estimator to demonstrate the low monthly payments your customers could pay for their window project.

Scope of the Project

What you expect to do and what your window customers think they’ll receive vary more often than most contractors would like. Make sure you have a very clear, written outline of what your project estimate does and does not cover.

Setting expectations isn’t always easy, but it does help create a smoother transaction in the long term. You can also simplify your window installation projects by partnering with Foundation Finance. Our online financing process and easy to use dealer portal make getting from application to approval simple.

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