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Build Your SEO with Local Content

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Thanks to search engines like Google, people have more access to information than ever before. Finding a home improvement contractor or learning what types of upgrades are available for a home is as easy as typing a few words into Google. That’s why having a good SEO strategy is so important – to ensure you are showing up in potential customers’ searches. If you’re ready to start building your website’s SEO, one of the best ways to drive local traffic to your site is with local content pages.

What is local content?

Local content, as the name implies, is content about a specific area. The content could be related to a neighborhood, zip code, city, town, or region that you focus a lot of your business in. The idea behind a local content page is to provide information, news, and updates that are uniquely related to that area.

How do local content pages help SEO?

Having relevant keywords on your website is an important step in developing an SEO-friendly website. When choosing your keywords, it can be tempting to target the biggest search terms in your field, but there are likely millions of websites competing for ranking in those keywords. However, long-tail keywords often have less competition and can help you attract customers in your area rather than people across the country. Local content pages are well suited to helping you develop your long tail keywords because of the specific nature of the content.

Standard keywords example: roofing contractor

Long-tail keywords example: roofing contractor in Austin, TX

What should you include in a local content page?

When writing local content pages for your contractor website, remember to address the area you work in, the type of work you typically do for local houses, and other information that crosses between your home improvement business and the homeowners reading your page. Some relevant topics may include

  • Basic information about the area.
  • Types of architecture found in the area.
  • Services you provide in the area.
  • Home maintenance/upkeep tips for the local climate.
  • How the weather impacts area homes.
  • Best time of the year to get work done in the area.
  • Partnerships you have with other local businesses.
  • Clubs, teams, or events you sponsor.
  • Financing opportunities for home improvement projects.

Creating a strong SEO strategy is a great way to find customers. To convert them, be sure to offer them affordable monthly payments on their next project through Foundation Finance. We have terms and promos your customers will love. Enroll in the Foundation Finance dealer network today. Contact us for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

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