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Creating a Stronger Sales Pitch

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How do homeowners find your business? Many likely find you online or through friends and family who have worked with you in the past. Wherever they come from, getting in touch with them is just the first step to closing their sale. Once they reach out, you have to close the deal. Make sure your sales pitch is in top form with these tips.

Have answers.

It doesn’t take long to get a feel for the most commonly asked questions in your industry. Be prepared with up-to-date information for those questions that helps move a homeowner closer to a sale. For example, when questions about price arise, give them a quote as well as what their project could look like in terms of low monthly payments.

Solve a problem.

Your customer is seeking help for a reason. Find out why they chose this specific project above other things they could be doing to improve their home and focus on the benefits of the project instead of the features.

Give examples.

Before and after photos and customer testimonials can often build trust and get a homeowner envisioning their own upgraded home. Use these tools in your sales pitch to close more sales.

Get them to say “yes.”

Don’t turn your sales pitch into a monologue – keep potential customers engaged by asking them questions that should be answered by “yes” throughout the conversation.

Be confident.

Confident people often come across as more trustworthy. Prepare and practice your tone, body language and words so that you come across as confident, enthusiastic and relatable.

Call to action.

Offer your customer a couple options on how they would like to move forward. Would they like to apply for home improvement financing, or would they rather pay in one bulk sum? Are they ready to get started right away or would they like to schedule work for next month?

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