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Adjusting Your Sales Strategy Based on Homeowner Motivations


Why is your customer hiring you? Is something broken? Are they crossing an upgrade off their wish list? The reason why a homeowner is getting work done is often just as important as what the project actually is. Check out these tips to adjust your sales strategy to match the homeowner’s motivations.


When something essential breaks, it has to be fixed, often right away. Homeowners seeking a replacement for a broken HVAC system or a damaged roof may not have the option to plan and budget for their project. Help these customers make up for lack of forewarning with financing. Financing can break their total cost into low monthly payments and a deferred payment plan can delay their first payment for several months – giving them the time they need to get their finances in order.

Influx of Cash

Whether your customer gains expected income from a raise, bonus or tax return or has a less predictable gain from lottery winnings or inheritance, upgrades are often on a homeowner’s wish list. Show these customers plenty of examples of your past work to give them a full understanding of what you can do for their home.

Planned Upgrade

Some customers save for years to have the money needed to replace their roof or redo their lawn in turf. These careful budgeters often know exactly what projects they want and the price range they need. Look for options that meet their needs, but don’t be afraid to bring up finance options if there are upgrades they are on the fence about.

Selling a Home

Upgrades and repairs are often undertaken to ensure a homeowner gets the best price for their home when they decide to sell it. Sellers will often come to you with a list of desired upgrades as well as a request for your suggestions. Include tips on current color and material trends as well as upgrades that have the most resale value.

No matter why your customer is upgrading their home, we’re here to help. Foundation Finance offers financing for a wide range of home improvement projects and approvals for FICOs as low as 600. Join our free dealer network today!

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Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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