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Financing: A New Way to Approach Leads

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Homeowners look for quality and value when choosing a contractor to work on their home. Financing can help you provide your customers with both. From new windows to landscaping, home improvement financing makes it easier for your customers to afford the renovations that they really want. Learn how offering low monthly payments can help you close more sales quickly.

Offer Financing Early.

Make it easy for potential customers to find info about your financing options. Add it to your website and bring up financing directly whenever a new lead reaches out to you. This sets the expectation of affordability earlier on in your relationship, which can help you overcome project delays while you wait for homeowners to gather funds.

You can also work financing information into any conversation or content you have about the price of your products and services to help shorten the time to close the sale and potentially increase your project size.

Create Options.

Many people push their home renovation timeline back, sometimes for years, due to the large out-of-pocket expense. You probably already provide your customers with a few different quotes based on which choices they make for their project. Consider adding a few more to show those same costs with and without financing. The Foundation Finance LaunchPAD dealer portal has a free payment estimator tool you can use to make finding the estimated monthly payment easy.

Info About Free LaunchPAD Tools Here!

Send the Credit Application.

Once your customer makes the decision, it’s easy to submit a credit application. As a Foundation Finance dealer, you can text or email the app link or create a financing page with the link on your website where your customers can apply. Ask them which method they prefer or fill out the application with them and submit it directly to Foundation Finance.

Not already a financing dealer? We can help! We consider FICOs as low as 600 and offer special promos and free reduced APRs for all of your customers. Sign up or learn more today!

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