Foundation Finance: Is ‘Customized Service’ the New Normal?

Is ‘Customized Service’ the New Normal?

When you think about it, what business isn’t providing customized service every day? Your support staff can’t guarantee exactly what question will be coming from the other end of the phone, or, what a customer really wants when they walk in your front door. Any service provided is a direct result of what the customer wants or needs. Hence, it’s customized. The valuable difference is, how you’re set up to respond.

As Foundation Finance built its business, it built it from the outside in. That means we listened to what our customers—remodeling contractors and home improvement dealers—needed, documented common and repetitive requests (log in issues), and learned how to adapt to and provide assistance for more complex requests (process issues). Staff are also trained to manage all levels of requests from a standard 30-second fix to a multi-level, hands-on approach to assisting dealers.

The value of service differentiation.

Finding your business’ service strengths—unique strengths that are truly valuable to your customers—increases your competitive power in the marketplace. For FFC, that would be our personalized training. We tailor live training webinars to be specific to the dealer’s financing options. Dealers can participate in group or one-on-one sessions that cover everything from financing program basics to using the lender portal. A library of on-demand videos is available for dealers to access for help at any time.

We also take application assistance calls from dealers who need help submitting a credit app, generating documents or understanding financing programs and promotions. Our dealer support team will walk them through the process(es) while on the phone or even offer to do it for them—especially if they’re with a customer. At a more convenient time, a training call is scheduled with the dealer, the office manager and/or the sales reps to provide one-on-one help in their challenge areas.

Another valuable service area is state licensing support. We’ll guide the dealer on how to get a state-specific finance license or re-activate an expired one. A confusing category, dealers appreciate understanding why FFC needs the required licenses and the different classifications, specifications, and endorsements necessary for each license to ensure they are getting the correct one. Further, if desired, we’ll help dealers create a licensing excel sheet that lists the states they do business in and whether a business, finance, and/or contractor license is required.

A very common service call is login assistance. Although a seemingly small assist from us, it’s a huge assist for a dealer, especially if they’re in the field trying to complete a sale. Our dealer support team will try every possible solution to get the dealer logged in. It’s extremely rare for us to end a call prior to log in success…which dealers endlessly appreciate!

What about “concierge” service?

Concierge literally means caretaker. Some businesses incorporate a higher level of “white glove” or hands-on service for larger clients with the intent to add more value to the partnership. Some businesses even charge for this level of service. We don’t.

Foundation Finance’s philosophy is to help dealers build their bottom lines. We do that with 1). a financing program, and 2). helping them use that financing program to its fullest. To us, customized service is what we provide every day on every call and in every email.

From closing more sales to upselling customer projects, our financing program is rooted with your sales triumphs in mind. Not a dealer in our network yet? Join today!

You can build on us. Enroll free in the Foundation Finance dealer network. Contact us for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

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