Foundation Finance: It’s Time for Some Spring Sales!

It’s Time for Some Spring Sales!

Spring sales are on every remodeling contractor’s mind right now as homeowners happily emerge from their winter hibernation with vivid dreams of home improvements. Are you ready to capture those sales?

Remodeling activity is expected to increase as the temps rise, but businesses located in the sunbelt states should be prepared for an even bigger remodeling surge. Abbe Will, Associate Project Director in the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies notes: “The largest remodeling spending gains are projected to occur in…the Sunbelt states, with over 9% growth expected in Oklahoma City, Tucson, Charlotte, Phoenix, and San Antonio.”

Further, according to Houzz, homeowners have exhausted their DIY capabilities over the past year of the pandemic and will be searching for a pro to do the bigger jobs such as a high-end kitchen enhancements, replacing exterior siding, permanent office space additions, expanded patios and decking, and energy-efficient HVAC upgrades, to name a few.

What’s your best strategy to capture these spring sales?

The financing angle.

First of all, make sure your business is visible by marketing your services. In your marketing, promote that you have financing. Establish yourself as a trusted resource for customer remodeling and financing needs. Consumers generally seek financing for home improvements over $5,000. The trending spring renovations generally have a price tag over that $5,000 threshold. Offering financing sets you apart from your competition and could very well bring new customers to your business.

Saving money is on everyone’s mind these days. Foundation Finance has a competitive pricing strategy that doesn’t require dealers to pay fees on several attractive rates their customers will love. Limited-time promotions such as half-payments for a year are also available with no fees. Dealers can build their business along with a long line of satisfied customers.

Since home owners aren’t quite ready to let go of their savings, even with the addition of stimulus checks, the timing is perfect to offer financing with every sale. Foundation Finance wraps in valuable conveniences that make it easy for customers to embrace financing:

  • Simple access to credit applications with custom links at customers’ fingertips.
  • Online documents and electronic signatures make mundane processes a breeze.
  • Credit decisions in minutes with more approvals and advantageous second looks.
  • Inclusive near-prime and subprime programs with FICOs as low as 600 considered.
  • Virtual training, dealer resources and expert assistance provided along the way.

Spring has sprung and your sales are about to soar if your business is fully prepared to capture them. Offering financing keeps you in control of the conversation and helps close those lavish sales homeowners spent all winter dreaming about.

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