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Our New Dealer Portal Makes Financing Easier!

As a finance leader in the home improvement industry, it’s our goal to provide top notch products and services that help dealers close more sales and build their bottom lines. Foundation Finance is excited to unveil LaunchPAD, our newest financing portal that streamlines the home improvement dealer’s selling process with easy-to-use features including Driver’s License scanning and color-coded app tracking.

The portal is easy to understand so initial and continued use will be a pleasant experience. It’s so important to create a financing environment that dealers enjoy using and doesn’t over-complicate the financing process…making sales and fast funding a priority!

LaunchPAD Highlights

This web-based portal puts everything at your fingertips. Access it via any electronic device, whether you’re in the office, at a customer’s home, or in the field.

  • Driver’s License Scanning: Easily submit apps started by scanning the customer’s Driver’s License.
  • Submit An Application: Start, finish and submit credit apps within the portal. No paperwork!
  • Color-Coded App Tracking: Know the status of your pipeline with color-coded app progress.
  • Electronic Docs: Generate documents directly from the portal with fast and easy electronic signing.
  • Training and Support: Quick process support and helpful resources always at your fingertips.

See What’s Inside

We’ve created a tour of the LaunchPAD portal as well as training videos and live webinars that highlight the benefits we’re bringing to dealers in our network. If you’re a Foundation Finance dealer, you’re already experiencing the ease of use and simple process LaunchPAD brings to your selling experience. If you’re not a dealer in our network, consider enrolling and enjoying benefits that build your bottom line.

Foundation Finance strives to make the financing experience a seamless process in a home improvement dealer’s daily selling activity. Our goal is to help you close more sales and build your bottom line. We’re looking forward to continually improving this experience!


You can build on us. Enroll today in the Foundation Finance dealer network. Contact us for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

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