Foundation Finance: Promote Financing for Increased Sales

Promote Financing for Increased Sales

One positive thing the pandemic did for home improvement contractors was increase the demand for home renovations! Typically, increased demand denotes increased sales. Not so in the home improvement marketplace. The increased demand for home improvements increased the opening of new home improvement businesses. What did that do? Create more competition.

How do you differentiate yourself from the new kids on the block? There are several ways to give yourself a competitive edge. All of them involve promoting the unique advantages of your business. One of your most powerful advantages: in-house financing.

Many homeowners shopping for renovations and  upgrades don’t even think to ask a home improvement dealer for financing because they’re not aware of the option. They’ll come into the showroom with a deflated version of their project because they know the dream version is too lofty for their current financial status. By promoting your financing options, potential customers have room to dream and may choose your business for that reason alone.

Give Shoppers a Reason to Choose You.

Financing gives customers more buying power, allowing them to plan exactly what they want for their home with no compromises. That’s why promoting that you have financing becomes just as important as promoting your top-quality windows, energy-efficient HVAC units, long lasting roofing material, or flawless installation.

Make it obvious your business provides financing. Posters and window clings around your business location(s) are a good start, along with featuring financing specials on your website, posting on your social media channels and emailing your customers and leads. Showing that your home improvement business has same-as-cash financing, no-interest options, and super low monthly payment plans is an attractive feature that brings in prospects and closes more sales.

Foundation Finance provides FREE resources for its dealer network to promote financing!

  • Professionally designed brochures customizable with your logo and contact details
  • Rate sheets featuring your preferred financing promotions and business details
  • Social media posts targeting varied occasions and financing promotions
  • Email messaging you can tailor for customers and leads
  • Attractive posters in varied sizes and versatile window clings

Financing increases sales, sets you apart from the competition, builds pipelines and strengthens your business. There’s absolutely no reason to keep that business asset a secret! If you’re already partnered with Foundation Finance, order your free marketing materials today and start promoting your financing. If you’re not already part of Foundation Finance’s dealer network, join free today!

You can build on us. Enroll today in the Foundation Finance dealer network. Contact us for more info: 1-855-241-0024, [email protected].

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