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Upsell Your Customers with These FFC Tools

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January is traditionally a time of reflection and planning. Time to look back and see what worked and planning new strategies to help you meet your goals. As you move forward into the new year, remember to brush up on your financing options.

Foundation Finance鈥檚 partners can offer customers low monthly payment options, high approval rates, and special promotions that make closing sales and upselling projects easy.

Low Monthly Payments

A customer who can easily afford an extra $150 a month may struggle to pull together $10,000 for that same home improvement project. Breaking the cost into low monthly payments makes expanding the scope of the project more affordable. Let every customer know that you offer financing as a payment option to close and upsell customers.

Customer Prequalification

Many homeowners don鈥檛 have strong credit. That doesn鈥檛 mean they don鈥檛 qualify for financing. Foundation Finance offers programs for customers with A-D credit and a wide range of FICO scores. If your customer isn鈥檛 sure about their approval odds, prequalifying them with our soft credit pull process gives your customers the option to check whether they qualify for financing without impacting their credit score.*

Payment Estimator

Use the payment estimator to demonstrate the difference between low-cost materials and high-quality upgrades. You can also compare the price when paying over different length terms or when a special promotion is applied. These options make it easy to meet or exceed your customer鈥檚 budget expectations.

Higher Available Credit Amounts

Qualifying customers are automatically approved for a higher available credit amount.** That means you can generate documents up to this amount without having to adjust your customer鈥檚 credit application. This makes it easy to offer upgrades at any point of the project.

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*Upon our receipt of the customer鈥檚 completed credit application and signed financing documents a hard inquiry on the customer鈥檚 credit (that may affect the customer鈥檚 credit score) will occur.

**Available credit amount refers to the total available amount of credit for which the applicant has been approved. This amount is only available through the earlier of the approval expiration date or the date of project completion. Not all customers will qualify. Terms and conditions apply.

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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