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Home Improvement and Renovation Trends

Discover the latest trends and technology to keep your business on track with the current market.

Learn how the current market conditions and technology can impact your business. Whether you work in turf, water treatment systems, HVAC, roofing, or siding, these articles are designed to help you keep up with the fast-moving world of construction and home renovation. Explore all our blogs below or search one of these popular topics:

Finding Customers

Discover new lead generation techniques and sources to find more customers for your home improvement business.

Couple discussing their project plans with contractor

Successfully Close an In-Home Sales Call

From the moment the sales representative steps foot in the customer’s door, it’s so important to have…

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Promote financing and close more sales

Do you make it easy for your customers to see that you offer financing? Or are they…

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More tools to help you close sales

You already know that Foundation Finance Company offers flexible, competitive consumer financing programs for the home improvement…

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Customer Management

Learn how to nurture and support home improvement leads and customers once they enter your sales funnel.

sales questions

Questions to Ask During a Sale

When a homeowner reaches out to a contractor, they may not have a clear idea of what…

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Contractor answering some homeowners frequently asked questions

Are You Prepared for These Customer FAQs?

A home is many people’s most valuable asset, so when they start searching for a home improvement…

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failed home improvement sale

Spooky Ways to Sabotage Your Sale

Summer is the busy season for a lot of home improvement contactors, meaning during the fall, winter…

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Tools & Tech

Find the latest tools and tech to help simplify and streamline your business processes.

Man using his laptop to update his business' google profile

How to Improve Your Google Business Profile

Many home improvement searches start with an internet search. Most of those searches happen on Google. As…

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Contractor looking at analytics of business

3 Google Analytics Features to Check Out

There are many wonderful business tools online. One of the best is Google Analytics. This free program…

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Contractor toolbox sitting on keyboard

Free Online Tools for Small Businesses

Small teams can accomplish big goals with the right tools. Whether you’re in roofing, landscaping, HVAC, windows…

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Social Media

Find strategies to create a strong social media presence and reach more home improvement customers here.

Homeowner sitting at kitchen table and looking at laptop

5 Topics to Engage Your Customers in Q2

Building and maintaining an active online presence is an important part of growing a home improvement business,…

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homeowners looking at tablet together

3 Questions to Get More Customers

There is no shortage of ways to find new customers. Word of mouth, flyers, phone books are…

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social media audit tasks

9 Social Media Tasks to Do Before the New Year

Home improvement jobs slow down for a lot of contractors in the days leading up to the…

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Find timely tips on how to become an integral part of your community.

winter home improvement sales

Closing Sales During the Holidays

Shopping, wrapping, parties, dinners, family, friends, and more keep homeowners busy this time of year. However, with…

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Contractor answering some homeowners frequently asked questions

Are You Prepared for These Customer FAQs?

A home is many people’s most valuable asset, so when they start searching for a home improvement…

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Contractor hard hat sitting on top of a laptop.

Blog Topics to Keep Your Website Relevant

You can create huge growth opportunities for your business with a website that has strong SEO. Capitalize…

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Understanding Today’s Home Improvement Market

As mortgage rates rise and fall, material shortages come and go, and labor shifts between scarcity and abundance, the home improvement and renovation industry changes to keep up with market demands. Keeping track of market changes and predicting which way the home improvement industry will shift isn’t always easy, but Foundation Finance is here to help. Check back often to learn about innovations, news, and changes that could impact the way you complete home improvement projects.


You will also find news on the latest financing specials to help you land your next hard-to-close sale. Whether you own a small, family-owned contracting business or are one of many contractors working under the same brand, we’re here to help you find more home improvement customers and close more sales with important news and articles to help you build your contracting business.

Note: Use of the terms "Loan," "Lender" and "Borrower" is for ease of reference only. Financings are in the form of retail installment contracts ("RIC").

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